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The availability of the real-time information has opened up a tremendous opportunity for us to provide high quality and timely services to tackle one of the most critical challenges: increasing disaster preparedness and response.

We have a strong mix of Science and Tech skills and we love to be at the center of history, thus we are thrilled by the big tasks ahead of us. Our activities fall into the framework of some bigger callings:

-Tackling the effects of Climate Change

-Making sense of the exponentially growing data available in our digital world

Harvesting Data is as important as making sense of it, 'Big Data' needs great Analysis Tools to be 'understood'.

We try to fill the gap between the moment the first information on the potential threat (early warning) is available and the 'official' observed data are shared. In order to minimize the negative impacts of the event, it is very important to deliver relevant data to right authority and to make early and efficient detection.

floods png KAJO offers a diverse range of services related to natural disasters. Our key staff has outstanding expertise in hydrology, flood forecasting, climate, land use, urban development and impact assessment studies, but we are expanding our portfolio of services to other weather driven natural disasters (e.g. landslides, forest fires, droughts).

KAJO has long record in developing customer driven application for the analysis and interpretation of the early warning systems (European and global), focusing specifically for the probabilistic forecasts since we have deep scientific and technical knowledge of the EU Copernicus Early Warning Services, including their technical implementation. We are involved in designing EWS end products for different stakeholders ranging from international crisis respoders, humanitarian and aid organizations up to local authorities.

Our customers can rely on our experience in development of event based, semi-automated system for warning dissemination and large scale, high resolution rapid mapping applications, including impact assessment (socio-economic) and mapping of affected critical infrastructure.







geo services png KAJO provides expertise in management and processing of large geographic datasets, spatial statistics, customized GIS applications, web-gis. We have experience in data/service standardization in hydrology (e.g. GEOSS best practices for sharing hydrological data), building SOS and WaterML 2.0 services for flood forecasting systems (including probabilistic forecasts).

KAJO implements large scale real time data collection software for meteorological and hydrological observations including data collection, storage, quality control and delivery for operational systems. We developed tools for timeseries operations (e.g. gap filling, interpolation) and mapping (e.g. spatial interpolation).KAJO develops geo-services crawlers, catalog of publicly available geo-services specific to the customers’ needs. We offer seamless and continuous integration of geographic information, on demand customized services to assist in the disaster management.

KAJO relies on proven experience in management and processing of large geographic datasets, spatial statistics, customized GIS applications and web-gis.







web intelligence png-1
KAJO uses technologies for advanced collaborative filtering of real-time data, where the relevant information is automatically extracted using natural language and signal processing techniques.

Web Intelligence in KAJO means:

Look- Searching for similarity (LSH, clustering)

Listen - Measuring information (TF-IDF ,Bayes filters, Internationalization of stemmed information)

Learn & Connect - Extracting knowledge (Mining and Indexing GEO-Referenced data catalogue, Collaborative Filtering for clusters identification

Predict – offering evidences and facts (hierarchical temporal memory, Recommendation engine)





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